Fall 2021 Adult Beginning Workshops

Adult Beginning Ballet | Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30am

Provided by Tina Anderson Wallum, the class work is based on the principles of classical ballet technique, including turnout, distribution of weight, counter pull, plumb line, balance, squareness, alignment and stance, transfer of weight, lift, and counter balance. Also it is based on centering, core strength, flexor tone, extensor tone, muscle currenting, cogwheeling, coordination, and musicality. By the end of the workshop students should understand a basic level of vocabulary and be able to execute it with ease and confidence. Students are intellectually, emotionally and physically supported with validation, engagement, and a sense of belonging.

Session Two: October 26 – December 8 (6 weeks, no classes November 22-27)

Adult Beginning Modern | Wednesdays, 10:00-11:30am

This workshop with Jennifer Ilse approaches movement with a goal of balance – fluidity in strength, power in softness, centered on breath and economy of movement to teach internal and external body awareness, rhythm and phrasing, and ensemble dancing through modern dance patterns and improvisation.

Session One: September 14 – October 20 (6 weeks)
Session Two: October 26 – December 8 (6 weeks, no classes November 22-27)

Cost: $85/workshop per session

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Please read the TU Dance Community Safety Statement (September 1, 2021).

Tina Anderson Wallum has had an extensive career both performing and teaching for over 40 years. She has performed with Minnesota Dance Theater, Ballet Arts, Ballet Minnesota, Ballet of the Dolls, Continental Ballet, The American Contemporary Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet and Savannah Ballet. She has over thirty years of teaching experience with a focus in Classical Ballet, and her work is enriched by her vast knowledge of somatics, and mind-body centering. She has been teaching at the University of Minnesota for 22 years and is currently at studios all over the Twin Cities.

Jennifer Ilse is originally from Wisconsin, Jennifer first studied dance in a professional setting in Duluth, Minnesota. She then moved to Eugene, Oregon to continue her studies at the University of  Oregon. In Eugene she also studied with the Eugene Ballet under Susan Zadoff of Ballet Russe, at Musical Feet school of tap, and performed four seasons with the Dance Theatre of Oregon. After moving to Minneapolis in 1997 she became co-artistic director of the dance/theater/visual art hybrid company Off-Leash Area, with which she has choreographed and directed over 28 full-length productions and created and managed a new venue, the Off-Leash Art Box. She was a City Pages Artist of the Year, has been featured on TPT’s MN Original, received 5 Arts Board Artist Initiative grants, and received 2 Ivey Awards. Ilse is a long time dance teaching artist, teaching ballet, tap and modern dance classes for adults and children over the past 30 years. Jennifer’s modern dance teaching draws from her eclectic movement background in classical modern and releasing styles, contemporary approaches to movement, improvisation, and extensive floorwork.

Photo credit: Tina Anderson Wallum by Abdo Sayegh Rodriguez, Jennifer Ilse by Bill Cameron.

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