August 3, 2017 Abdo Sayegh Rodriguez

Dance Class with Guest Artist Gregory Dolbashian, August 17

Thursday, August 176:00-7:30pm

FLOW SPACE: An atmosphere that allows for the act of “pure play” to help dance artists use more capacity, intellect, sense, courage, and imagination in their movement styles. Conducted by director of The DASH Ensemble, Gregory Dolbashian, the class is a highly developed series of improvisational tools and games that warms and pushes both the mind and the body to break habits and fulfill more presence. These exercises are all methods that Gregory has developed and utilized to create movement with The DASH. The artists learn confidence not just in themselves but also in the environment that they are a part of. Games and tasks work both on the individual and in tandem, so that Flow Space creates a community for progress, inspiration, and most of all, discovery.
This class is for dancers 16 y.o. and up.

Cost: $16 (pre-registration required)

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