April 3, 2018 Abdo Sayegh Rodriguez

Contemporary Experiments: Improvisation + Technique + Performance, April 20

This advanced level dance master class taught by Leslie Parker with live music is a rigorous physical exploration of the intersections between thought and movement, the real and the representational, the past and the present, freestyle and improvisation, flow and disruption. In this class, the exploration of presence as multiple embodied states that generate empathetic choices in making dances and dance performance is informed by the African Diaspora in both a historical and contemporary moment.

This class emphasizes athleticism, grounded movement and polyrhythmic phrases that include floorwork with moments for risk-taking, to reflect, and to respond through improvisation. The objective is to push physical boundaries while focusing on breath, gravity, rhythm and musicality.  We will challenge norms that inhabits the body, space, promote greater awareness in impulses, and apply intersectionality to “unpack” our internal and external input so that a new kind of expression may emerge.

Friday, April 20 | 5:15-6:45 pm | TU Dance Center

Class Fee: $14

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Leslie Parker is a dance artist/maker, improviser, performer and educator with an archive of embodied memories from 34 years of studying, researching, teaching and performing dances from sacred and secular practices of the African Diaspora. Informally, her training is credited to a fierce community of activists, organizers, dancers and artists who emphasized the significance of community and strives to restore its vibrancy. She has danced with national and international artists in Germany, Virginia, Minnesota, Philadelphia, and New York. She is the recipient of the 2017 New York Dance and Performance Award Bessie Award for Outstanding Performer. Parker is motivated to make spaces for dance that are wildly creative, inquisitive, and experimental in their exploration of themes related to spirituality, racial identity and social justice. To read more, visit leslieparkerdance.com

This masterclass is provided by Brownbody in partnership with TU Dance.

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