September 6, 2016 Abdo Sayegh Rodriguez

Open Yoga with Sarah Baumert, Saturdays at 9:00am

Saturdays, 9:00-9:45am

Cost: $12/class or $100/10 classes

In these slow flowing yoga classes, we will explore how we can use our skeletal alignment as a means to generate and increase power in our poses, resulting in the clarification of our intentions. The class will begin with a Feldenkrais inspired warm up; this way of beginning brings a clarity in our movement awareness, and helps to sense the most efficient and easeful way to move the bones. From there, the class will move into a  more active yoga practice to further understand how our musculature reorganizes during the poses to maintain ease. This slow process will help one move beyond past habitual movements and learn to cultivate an internal initiation during the asanas, even those that we find most challenging. The class will end with Sarah’s popular guided savasana sessions that will soothe your way into the weekend. Each class will focus on a different theme geared towards adapting our bodies to the current season. All levels are welcome.

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