November 13, 2014 tudance

“Dance Education Changed My Life” –Uri Sands

(L) Visiting RR Morton Elementary in Miami, the arts magnet school where I began; 
(R) in performance with TU Dance

From my childhood dance classes at RR Morton Elementary to the public New World School of the Arts, my life’s work was sparked by access to dance education. Toni and I founded TU Dance to create access and opportunity — a platform for artists, students and audiences to engage the remarkable art form that shaped our own lives. We are halfway through 2014 Give to the Max Day and we need your support. With your help, we will continue to bring the connective power of dance through local and touring performances, educational outreach programs and through need-based scholarships that make excellent dance training accessible at TU Dance Center in Saint Paul. Access to dance education changes lives.

Repertory class with students at TU Dance Center

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