December 31, 2015 Abdo Sayegh Rodriguez

Winter Intensive at TU Dance Center, Jan. 19-23

Exploring different approaches and deepened investigative techniques for enriching the class-taking experience.

This five-day intensive will offer two different programs: one to beginning/intermediate students (ages 12-16) and one to intermediate/advanced students (ages 17-23). Both programs will include modern, ballet and African techniques as well as conditioning and stretching classes. The goal of this intensive is to provide the dancers with various tools that can be used in class to promote increased exploration and intention behind movement. Dancers will have the opportunity to deconstruct the familiar elements of class and understand them in a new way. Each teacher will bring their wealth of knowledge, not only from a technique perspective but a “creative process” perspective as well, in order to assist with this exploration and tool building. The students will take an active role in this intensive by examining questions such as: “What is the true goal of technique class?”, “How can technique class best serve and prepare me for choreography?”, and “What is the relationship and optimum balance between technique and artistry?”.

Beginning/Intermediate,  4:30-8:00 pm (1/19-22), 10-2:30 pm (1/23)
Intermediate/Advanced, 4:30- 8:15 pm (1/19-22), 10- 2:30 pm (1/23)

(Saturday Jan. 23rd will include a panel discussion from 1:45-2:30pm which is open to families and friends)

Cost: $250 (Beginning/Intermediate) and $300 (Intermediate/Advanced).  Registration deadline by January 13th

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*Level placement will be assessed during the first technique class on Jan. 19th and changes will be made as necessary.


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